Activities in Dubai

Dubai is clearly one of the best tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning to go on a long deserved leisure trip, Dubai will offer you the best reprieve for your tired muscles and stressed out mind. Indeed, there are plenty of things you can do in Dubai to ensure that your vacation will not be anything less than exciting.

Dubai is a desert city with great dunes. If you are looking for adventure, you will get that and more by dune bashing. In dune bashing, an expert driver takes you on a bumpy ride along Dubai's dunes. Dune bashing is clearly not for the weak of heart, though, but children may love the thrill and excitement of it all. Couple this with quad biking, going on camel rides, belly dancing and more and you will have an authentic Dubai experience in just one day.

You can also visit the Wild Wadi Water Park at the Jumeirah Beach Resort, and have a water adventure you will not easily forget. The Wild Wadi Water Park features a 1.5 meter wave machine, seemingly endless tunnels, water shoots, surfing machines, an 18-foot waterfall that automatically goes off much to the delight of the kids. There's also the tunnel of doom and the largest water slide outside North America. The Wild Wadi Water Park adventure is not for the faint hearted, though. Then again you can simply take pleasure in the tasty snacks at the Wild Water Park and take in all the excitement sitting down.

Another activity you can indulge in while in Dubai is the famous Champagne Brunch, held every Friday, usually from 12 in the afternoon to 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Champagne Brunch is perhaps the most looked forward to week ender. Mouth-watering offerings of sushi, lobster, and many other delicious dishes at the Yalumba restaurant at Le Meridien Hotel will surely satisfy your palate.

Then, of course, you can shop till you drop in the largest shopping mall in the Middle East, the Mall of Emirates. All of 6.5 million square feet, Mall of Emirates is jam-packed with people, great boutiques, small restos, a big supermarket, and many things besides.

Finally, you can go skiing in Dubai. You may think this is impossible because Dubai is a desert city after all. However, Dubai is not just a city of gold, it is also a city of surprises. In Dubai anything is possible and you will get to ski on real snow on the mountain resort-themed indoor ski resort at the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is by far the largest in the world, measuring 22,500 square meters of ski area. After your ski adventure, you can chill out at St Moritz Café.

These are just some exciting things you can do in Dubai. Often, a holiday trip in Dubai is never complete without going through all these activities. Once you have tried them all, you can go home to your country, with a luggage full of beautiful Dubai memories.