Dubai Attractions

Everyone, it seems, is drawn to the magic and charm of Dubai. Perhaps, you may be one of the thousands who also desire to see and experience Dubai. A holiday trip to Dubai will give you the experience of a lifetime. Here are some of the most popular Dubai attractions to visit:

An ideal holiday in Dubai should involve a visit to the Bastakiya District. The Bastakiya District is home to Dubaiís traditional buildings. Old structures have been reconstructed so you can have a feel of what Dubai used to be.

You should also visit the world-famous Burj al-Arab Hotel, accordingly the only seven-star hotel in the world. The hotel takes on the structure of a sailboat, attracting visitors from all over the world. Getting inside the hotel requires reservation that will need to be confirmed at the gate. Guests from neighboring hotels may not need reservations, but prior arrangements must be made before they can be allowed to enter this luxurious hotel. If you want a tour of the hotel, you can make arrangements for that, but only during the days when it is not fully booked. Remember to be in casual attire at the very least, else you will be denied entry to the hotel. Then if you are planning to stay here, you must book yourself at least one month earlier.

The Dubai Museum at the Al Ibn Abi Talib Road is also a must visit site. The Dubai Museum is filled with artifacts and information that will take you back to Dubaiís history. Only 3 AED is required for you to enter the Dubai Museum. Then, you should also have a heritage tour at the Shindagha District.

The Dubai Zoo along Jumeirah Road is one other place that you should not miss visiting, especially during the winter months. The Dubai Zoo is an outdoor zoo, and it can get very hot and uncomfortable during summertime.

Shopping for gold is always a great and wonderful experience in tax-free Dubai. In fact, a trip to Dubai is almost never complete without going to the popular Gold Souk. Here you can find a variety of shops selling gold by weight. The items may be costly, but you can always haggle, so before going there, it helps to have some knowledge of how much gold usually costs. You may also encounter some merchants who will try to fool you into buying fake watches. Always be cautious, just in case you run into them. You should also try going to the Ibn Battuta Mall, which boasts of six courts designed based on the architecture of China, India, Egypt, Persia, Tunisia and Andalusia.

When in Dubai, going to a mosque and learning Islam are two of the more interesting things you can do. The Jumeirah Mosque which lies opposite Pal Strip Mall is open even to non-Muslims, but you will have to go on a Thursday, because that is the only day the mosque is open for tours.

Dubai has plenty of beautiful beaches and dunes. You can go for a relaxing swim, or dunes bashing. You can also have an adventure on the Wild Wadi Water Park or ski or snowboard at Ski Dubai.

Great golf courses also abound in Dubai. Music and sports events run throughout the year. Everything you have ever wanted is right here in Dubai. Certainly, embarking on all these activities will make your Dubai experience truly unforgettable.