Careers in Dubai

Dubai is not just a great tourist destination; it also is a center for businesses and employment. Accordingly, some thirty new companies are being born and developed in Dubai, practically every week since the latter part of 2002. Quite expectedly, therefore, businesses are flourishing, and job opportunities for people are plenty.

Dubai is literally tax-free. As such, it makes living and working in Dubai convenient. Also, the cost of living is generally low, and this is very beneficial to the working class in Dubai. The best thing about being tax-free is that every centavo that you earn is yours. The government takes nothing from it, so you go home with a paycheck without tax deductions to enable you to live more decently. It is no wonder why people from different parts of the world are attracted to Dubai, making the place an international city.

Finding jobs in Dubai is not difficult. Plenty of opportunities are available particularly for those who specialize or have academic degrees in tourism, Information Technology, media and finance. Before you can work in Dubai, you will need to have a work permit and a residency visa. However, this should not be a cause of much concern to you because usually your employer takes care of these things. In the event that you will have to secure your own work permit, a common advice is to go to Dubai on a holiday trip so you can be issued a temporary visa, with which you can look around for jobs. When have already found one, you may then be able to apply for a working visa without much trouble.

Dubai, too, has a wealth of business opportunities for the businessman. At present, Dubai has a total of 15 free zones that enable foreign businesses to grow and develop without having to pay for corporate taxes (Dubai offshore company). Paying for corporate taxes can be very discouraging sometimes because it often takes up a huge amount of what would have been your income. However, because corporate taxes are waived, you as businessman get to realize more income from your business.

If you come from a foreign country, you may be surprised to find that many of the businesses are closing for a few hours each afternoon, and for some reason Fridays are special days in Dubai. No meetings are held during Fridays.

Dubai is a beautiful city, bustling with activity and excitement. Thereís plenty to do in Dubai, whether you are there as a tourist or as a resident of the place. You can go golfing, or go on safari rides to while away your time. You can also go shopping, sun bathing or scuba diving if such be your thing. Nightlife in Dubai is also worth experiencing. Social clubs, parties and events are everywhere. With all the exciting things you can do in Dubai, you will never get homesick in Dubai. Certainly, if thereís one place you will never get bored of or run out of things to do, itís Dubai.