Dubai Climate

Typically, the climate in Dubai is hot and sunny, taking into account its location as one of the prime cities of the UAE, and located among the perimeters of the Northern desert.

Whenever you chance to view at the open sky of Dubai, you will discover that it has a beautiful azure shade, dotted with puffs of thin clouds. The weather is clear and bright, making the impression around Dubai as a warm, clean, and modern emirate. Primarily because of its clear climate and brilliant sunny skies, astronomers from different parts of the world come to Dubai for its comfortable weather.

If you are planning to go to Dubai during the times when its climate is at its best, the ideal period would be between December and March. This is because the weather around this time is temperate enough for a relaxed traveling. During this time of year, tourists flock to Dubai. In fact, this period is deemed to be the peak season for tourists as confirmed by travel agencies and high class hotels in Dubai. For the specific temperature during this time, the average is around 24 degrees Celsius for most of the day.

As nighttime approaches, Dubai becomes even more temperate and cool, and it is highly suggested for tourists and travelers to pack warm clothes with them as well, before flying to Dubai. Unlike during the daytime when the over-all temperature is hot and humid, the nights in Dubai are cooler, and are prone to have low temperatures. A pack of warm outfits is best prepared when traveling to Dubai.

However, anyone can expect hot weather during the summer months, from June to September. The weather could become so worse that even Dubai locals would choose to take lengthy vacations somewhere cooler during these times.

The typical weather setting in Dubai could engender a standard level of temperature at about 40 degrees Celsius. When this is joined with an uncomfortable level of humidity, the result would be a less than ideal weather condition.

During the summer, the weather in this country could get hot and warm. When combined with the temperature of the Dubai marina and the salty sea air, the temperature could reach up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Both the government and private investors in Dubai have always been keen on improving the infrastructure and tourist destinations in the country. Nonetheless, the climate in Dubai remains constant, and much of the improvements being done to the modernization of Dubai can do very little for the over-all climate or temperature of the country.

For all the heat and warmth in Dubai, any traveler or tourist must dress appropriately to avoid offending the Muslim residents of the country.

The warm weather also should not be an excuse to wear too revealing clothing while visiting Dubai. It is highly suggested to wear comfortable yet decent clothing. Moreover, as you are traversing the beautiful spots in Dubai, it is recommended for you to bring a bottle of water along for hydration. Hydration is important, as you are enjoying the beautiful climate that can only be from Dubai.