Dubai Diamonds & Jewellery

If you are looking for high quality diamonds and jewellery for the best suitable and also tax free price, then look no further than Dubai. Today, no other city in Dubai is on such a level in diamonds and jewellery industry.

Not only does Dubai host the best international jewellery brands in the world, but if has succeeded in taking the best position as the most important jewellery exporter of the Middle East. Nowhere can you find such an extreme variety of international and local jewellery stores. For getting to know Dubai diamond and jewellery business better though, you have to learn about the business techniques of Dubai. In Dubai, if you are to open your jewellery business, you can only do it either with the cooperation of a local Dubai jewellery company. With the opening of your business within a Free Zone, you will not be able to sell your jewellery in Dubai, but you get a great help with your international business opportunities. Dubai's greatest diamond brands are all having contracts with international brands that have chosen the Dubai brand to represent their jewellery line, which is a lot easier than opening their own brand store in Dubai.

When it comes to diamonds, there are some very big names whose hands are in the best jewellery related businesses. These include the Dubai and the Indian based jewelleries mainly. The main difference between the Dubai and the Indian jewelleries is, that while Dubai brands make good business with the contracting of international partners who they from then on represent the Indian brands prefer to represent their own Indian brands. Yet, the Indian jewellers play a very important role in the international jewellery business capacities of Dubai so much that many of them is holding several award for being the valued member of the Dubai jewellery society. The biggest Dubai brands today include Damas, Al Futtaim Jewellery of Al Futtaim Group, Ahmed Seddiqi, Al Zain Jewellery and many others. The biggest Indian brands in the jewellery and diamonds industry include Dhamani Jewellers who are the appointed ones to exclusively sell Dubai Cut diamonds, Pure Gold Jewellers, Joyalukkas Jewellers and Atlas Jewellery among dozens of others.

The hub where you will find every bigger and smaller names of the jewellery industry is Dubai Gold Souk in Deira. With its 300 shops, you will find no jewellery that is not represented over here in any form of business. Countless diamonds, silver and platinum gold jewellery is waiting here for their future owners. The business value of the Gold Souk is extremely high in Dubai. Although there are other parts of the city, where you find jewellery stores in high numbers, its still the Gold Souk in Deira where you can make the best businesses.

The diamond jewellery industry of Dubai is continuously developing and there are more and more centres that are built for housing exclusively diamonds and jewellery store. You can also buy loose diamonds in Dubai for a great value. yet always check out their certificate and learn about the diamond grading too.