Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is considered to be one of the world’s most extravagant horse race, and with good reason. Dubai is home to some of the most top- standard shopping and leisure spots in the entire world. Thus it should not be considered an astonishment if Dubai is also the venue for the world’s most luxurious horse race.

The Dubai World Cup was established as early as 1996. Dubai’s leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was the one responsible for the existence of the world cup. Al Maktoum is also owner to other world-class racing events- the Darley Stud and Godolphin Racing.

The track measures 2000m, and the racing event is done each year, with millions of dollars up for grabs. The race takes place in the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse. This world cup is considered to be the most illuminated alongside other races on the international level.

With the Middle East as the race venue, the Dubai World Cup takes on a culture and history that is uniquely limited to the area. History has it that the Middle East is home to the Arabian stallions which fathered almost all of the thoroughbred horses that is known in the world today. Over the years, as these stallions were transported to the English shores, they were partnered with different breeds to produce most of the world’s best racing horses in present times.

The Arabian race has always been known to possess powerful and elegantly formed horses, way back to the beginning of their rich history. The Arabian desert can be capricious, and strong horses were required for distant and significant travels. These same Middle Eastern horses are still considered to be among the best based on historical accounts over the long years.

In history, horses always played important roles in the lives of the affluent and well-known in the Middle Eastern circles. A good breed of horses typically translates to prosperity, supremacy, and high ranking. Over time, these horses were cross bred for the purpose of spawning greater and more powerful breeds.

The Dubai World Cup attracts a multitude of racing aficionados, horse breeders and owners, and horse racers across the globe. The racing cup even highlights a popular occasion wherein top celebrity guests are featured live in the event whether for diversion or for sought-after interviews. There are also excellent buffets and feasts for the patrons, where everyone can witness the race in utmost comfort.

For the best in social atmosphere while taking in the progress of the Dubai World Cup, the International Village is the venue where important personalities converge for food and relaxation, as well as entertainment and lively chitchat. Limited for those with passes, this spot is reserved for the crème de la crème of high society.

The accommodation in Dubai for those who wish to partake of this luxurious event is equally first-rate. There are a good number of top standard hotels and residential locations whether located in the central part of the city or in the laid-back feel of the marina. You can expect only the best in this part of the Middle- East, whether in accommodation or social events. The Dubai World Cup is undoubtedly one the most luxurious racing events on a global scale.