Dubai Events

Dubai is hosting several extremely entertaining events every year. In fact, you cannot get bored when you are in Dubai because there are events all year long. Some events last for months and some take part for a couple of days.

Dubai has very cleverly reinvented itself to be one of the most entertaining cities in the world. In order to attract more attention and in order to give tourists more and more motivation to stay or to return to Dubai, there are hundreds of events taking place here, from musical events, rock festivals, till cultural events, exhibitions and artistic events, such as the fashion shows, furniture shows and jewellery festival. Dubai has very cleverly planned all the events that can bring the most attention and potential profit. Events profit anyhow, because they attract people that attracts business in smaller and bigger levels all the same. Therefore, Dubai has built several centres where events can be held. The Dubai Festival City serves these reasons, but also the Media City has its installation to host business or entertaining events. The Global Village, which is an events centre in itself and the renovated and largely enlarged Dubai World Trade Centre with its Exhibition centre serves one reason: to host as many events as it is possible.

Other events in Dubai include the several sport events, all aiming the international sport world to concentrate on Dubai. The Emirate has cleverly pointed out a couple of sports in which it wants to continuously develop. These include sailing and the numerous sailing competitions held in Dubai; then there is golf that is currently the second best leading sport of Dubai, supported by huge and extremely modern, beautiful and unique golf courses. And the main sport events of the year are targeting horse racing which is one of the most popular sport of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Al Maktoum, who happens to have collected and developed the best ever stable in the world. The horse races are held at the Meydan Racecourse, which is far from being only a racetrack. It is a complex targeting mainly horseracing but houses everything else that supports the race events from hotels to business centres and even residence buildings are planned to be hosted over there.

The main Dubai events are either connected to religious celebrations, sports or shopping. Out of Dubai's hundreds of events, we can really highlight the Ramadan that takes away about the half of the summer season. The Dubai Summer Surprises shopping festival also happens to be around Ramadan, a festival that aims to attract shoppers with great discounts. The main sport and cultural events are held in the winter months because it is then the climate of Dubai is the most inviting to receive larger crowds coming as an audience or taking part at the events in any other forms. Therefore, from December to March Dubai is buzzing with events every day.

If you would like to connect your holiday with some great cultural or entertaining festivals in Dubai, then do not forget to pick up a Dubai event calendar and match it with your schedule.