World Class Dubai

Dubai is clearly one of the best places to go to, if you are planning a family getaway. However, there are things you must know before you prepare your luggage and head off to the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Although any day in Dubai will prove to be exciting, nonetheless, you can make the most of your vacation if you visit Dubai during the winter months of November to March, when it is not excruciatingly hot and the temperature is moderate low. This way, you can do a lot of exciting things, such as sunbathing, scuba diving, camel racing, desert safaris and many more. The desert heat can be so intense during summertime, and this you must avoid whenever possible so you do not end up feeling disappointed and frustrated.

One other reason why you must go during the winter months, particularly in January, is to catch the much talked about Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai Shopping Festival is attracting millions of visitors every year. Tax-free Dubai is a haven for shopaholics and even those who are not that crazy with shopping. The Dubai Shopping Festival is very much looked forward to because of the huge bargains, and raffle draws with luxury cars and huge cash prizes as giveaways. The Dubai Shopping Festival is not just for the adults and shopping maniacs, though. The festival also features many activities for kids to enjoy, so you can have them tag along with you while you shop till you drop. Capping the experience is a grand display of fireworks that will leave you gasping in wonderment.

If you are really not much into shopping, and you wish to commune with nature, you can seek adventure in the desert. You can opt for a camel safari or jeep safari. Whatever you choose to do, you will definitely enjoy the experience. You can also go skiing in the sand or driving along the sandy dunes that Dubai is known all over the world for.

Still, if you want your Dubai experience to have more thrill, going on horseback riding in the desert, thunder bowling, go karting or deep sea fishing will make your hormones rage with an electrifying excitement you have never experienced in your life. Dubai also has several parks where you can take your kids to. The Dubai Wonderland, Wild Wadi, and Magic Planet are some of the places where your kids can enjoy.

You can plan your trip to Dubai way ahead of time. However, if you have the liberty of choosing when to go, as much as possible, schedule your vacation in January, or sometime between the months of November up to March. This period is the best time to visit Dubai because of its temperate weather conditions.

Dubai is definitely one of the best cities in the world. An aerial view of Dubai is breathtaking. Whether you board a plane or cruise along Dubaiís waterways to see Dubai, you will surely understand the reason why Dubai is hailed as the most popular tourist destination in the world.