Dubai Horse Racing

The Middle East is known to the world as an oil producing region but did you know that Dubai horse racing has become popular in United Arab Emirates? The city started to be supportive in the league of sports.

According to the chairman of the Emirates Racing Authority, Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nayhan, horse racing has been part of the country’s culture and heritage. This was stated when the 31st Asian Racing Conference was held in Dubai on January 2007.

Others may think that Middle East is associated with camels because of its deserts. However, horses are also associated with this region. Dubai horse racing is one of the best racing capitals in the world. In this racing area, they also feature the best horses and jockeys across their borders all over the world. Because of this, Dubai is considered to be one of the best places to visit.

Dubai horse racing has been as popular as the financial and investment skill of the country has to offer. This sport has put into action when Dubai World Cup started in 1996. This occasion earned over six million dollars and considered to the richest horse race in the world.

Another popular Dubai horse racing venue is the Dubai International Racing Carnival. It showcases the world’s best horses and jockeys. Every year, the venue provides top world horse races every year in nine weeks. This is where the World Cup and Dubai Triple take place. The Nad Al Sheba Golf Club is also located in this world famous site that has been standing since 1986. This will encourage taking a stroll and striking a swing at the golf course before watching an exciting horse race.

Like any other horse racing fan, one may get close and personal with the horses themselves. A “Rising with the Stars” tour will make your horse racing experience complete because one may meet the best horse right in the racing course and their stables. The tour is a worth while experience since it will take three hours. The visitor will also have the opportunity to drop by the trophy room called the Godolphin Gallery.

The United Arab Emirates has become a worldwide attraction not only because of the beautiful buildings but also the projects that has been opening up for horse and equestrian enthusiasts. Projects like the Plantation Equestrian and Polo has a record breaking performance because of its biggest equestrian and riding facility in the world. In addition it has amenities like the polo club, dressage and a riding and jumping academy for horse lovers and equestrians. Arabian Ranches is also an equestrian haven since it is a specially designed residential center for the sport.

One visitor may ask when watching a horse race, why are there no bookmakers? The reason is because gambling is not present in a horse race. The local government made gambling illegal and there is no horse race that allows betting.

With this kind of rule, people will love the sport even more for the sake of the race itself. Western horse racing has finally met its match with the Dubai horse racing, enjoy the race!