Dubai Immigration

Sometimes people have a natural tendency to be too patriotic or too protective of their native land. For instance, they may warmly welcome foreigners to visit their mother country, but when these foreigners decide to stay for good, the citizens become hesitant and cold. They fear that they could no longer claim their land as entirely their own. They feel that they will lose their culture, their language, and their religion as well. They also fear that these foreigners will eventually cause the downfall of their national economy.

All these fears may be the result of a misunderstanding of the concept of immigration, and what it does to one’s country. Migrants to Dubai are actually doing this second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates good. Tourism is booming in Dubai, and this accounts largely to the growing economy of Dubai, but then the immigration factor cannot also be discounted or taken for granted. The influx of people from different cultural backgrounds is helping the economy of Dubai. These people are putting up businesses in Dubai, buying things in Dubai, and doing many other things, and all these activities affect the economy of the country somehow. It goes without saying then that Dubai earns from these people, and so Dubai needs these people.

There are many possible reasons why people choose to emigrate. One reason may be that they are attracted to the place. If Dubai is the country of choice, that is clearly understandable. With a unique charm and lots of beautiful sights, it is easy to fall in love with Dubai and to make it as your second home. Indeed, who would not love to live in a country where you do not have to pay taxes? Dubai is tax-free, so everything you earn is yours.

Another possible reason why a lot of people leave their country is to seek greener pastures abroad. Business and job opportunities are plenty in Dubai, so it does not seem very surprising to see an exodus of people going to Dubai. There may be a host of other reasons, but immigration is really not a bad thing at all.

So instead of becoming judgmental of foreigners, the citizens ought to be more thankful that business is becoming more alive and more dynamic. These people should not be scorned at all, nor discriminated. There are no illegal immigrants, only people sharing a dream, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong your country good. Immigrants may be aliens, but instead if you discriminate someone who is actually doing of thinking of them as invaders, you should look at them in a more positive light. In many ways, these so-called aliens significantly help the economy, and when you have a growing economy like Dubai, life is definitely better.

If you are thinking of migrating, Dubai is one of the best places to live in. Tourists who have gone to Dubai can attest to the charm and magic of this second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates.