Dubai Gold Jewelry Shopping

Dubai is a very popular tourist destination, the most popular, in fact, in all the world. Among the many reasons that make Dubai very attractive to tourists from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds are its gold markets. Indeed, you cannot rightfully claim you have gone to Dubai without visiting the Dubai Gold Souk and experiencing haggling at a much different level.

If youíre looking for gold in Dubai, you will not be disappointed. After all, Dubai cannot be called ad City of Gold for nothing. The Dubai Gold Souk at the Deira side of the creek is filled with stores, stalls, and boutiques selling gold. There is just too much gold at the Dubai Gold Souk and they come in a variety of forms.

Anybody who has money will surely have a grand time at the Dubai Gold Souk. Its important to know, that many of the gold jewelry items tend to be overpriced, however, so do not feel embarrassed to haggle. In fact, haggling is what makes shopping at the Gold Souk more interesting. Sometimes, it can be very amusing to listen to people haggling to the least amount the seller can afford. If you know how to haggle well, you will be able to get your dream piece of jewellery at a very reasonable price.

There are many beautiful pieces set in gold that it is highly unlikely that you will not find anything that suits your fancy, but in the event that you do not like any of the designs available, you can always have something custom-made especially for you. Sometimes, it takes just moments for craftsmen to do that, and you can have one amazing piece within minutes. On the average, tourists spend some $400 for a few pieces of gold. If you do not intend to buy gold at all, then you belong to the 5% of tourists who do not. At any rate, you can just window shop. Seeing the brilliance of the gold will definitely leave you gold-struck, and the experience of it all is invaluable.

Before going to Gold Souk, there are things you need to understand so you can maximize your shopping experience there. Keep in mind that gold pieces are sold by weight, meaning the heavier the gold is, the more expensive it becomes. The selling is based on the weight plus the labor fee. You do not haggle with the price of the gold itself, but you can haggle with the labor charge. As much as possible, you must know the usual costs for these things, so you will know up to what extent you can haggle. Another thing, you must expect the Gold Souk to be swarmed with people, so prefer to go in the evening when traffic is lighter. Donít take your car, too, because parking can be a problem there. Also, wear comfortable, walking shoes when going to Gold Souk. The Gold Souk is not a hotel or a restaurant where it is appropriate to wear high heels. Considering that you will be doing a lot of shopping there, not to mention, haggling, you need to be as comfortable as possible.

The Gold Souk may be a market for gold and gold products, but there are other products being sold there that are not gold. Precious stones and semi-precious stones, as well as metals, alloys, silver and platinum found in some boutiques. Fabrics, souvenir items, and even fake watches are also available.

If you happen to be in Dubai on a leisure trip, never leave the place without going to the Gold Souk and check out these popular Dubai jewellery shops to buy beautiful necklaces, rings, pendants...