Life in Dubai

Since five years ago, Dubai has become a magnet, to tourists and non-tourists alike. In fact, it is almost everyone’s wish not just to visit Dubai, but to actually work and live there.

Contributing to Dubai’s charm is its warm, sunny climate, particularly between the months of October and June. The city’s immaculate, white sandy beaches complement its climate, making them a favourite hang out place of beach bums and tourists.

Dubai is relatively a safe city. In fact, there are very few reports of any crimes happening, except perhaps for the occasional thefts, which are not major, anyway. The penalties a law offender has to go thru are so stringent, discouraging any one to violate a law, much more commit a crime.

Best of all, Dubai is tax free, thus cost of living there is generally low. In tax-free Dubai, you get more value for your money. If you love shopping, you will definitely appreciate what it means by tax-free Dubai. Goods are a lot cheaper because of this. Perhaps, it may even surprise you that you are now able to buy the pair of designer jeans you have been longing to have, or the luxury car that has been the object of your day dreams. Also, when it comes to your salary, everything you earn is yours; not a penny goes to the coffers of the government, so in a way, you are earning more.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to living in Dubai. If you intend to stay in Dubai for good, there are things that you should know about. For example, real properties are expensive. Whether you are planning to buy a house or rent one, be prepared to spend a lot of your savings for this. Of course, you can try to look for cheaper housing in other parts of Dubai, but most likely, you will not find one in the city area. This means that if you are working in the city, you will have to commute, and commuting can be a drag because other people are doing the same thing you are. Traffic becomes a problem, so is getting a ride to work.

Further, while Dubai may be crime-free, reckless drivers abound, making driving around in Dubai literally unsafe. Whether you are driving yourself or commuting to work, the road is not one place you would like to be. Over-speeding, cutting of lanes, and so on are fairly common in Dubai, and assuming that you are used to things like these, these do not guarantee that your time on the road will be a safe one.

Summertime in this desert city can be excruciatingly hot, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. If you cannot tolerate the extreme weather conditions, then you’d better rethink or modify your plans of going to and/or living in Dubai.

A final factor to be considered is the fact that infrastructure is not well-developed in Dubai. Drains are stinking, and roads are not capable of holding the weight of too many people. While Dubai offers plenty of advantages, the cons are something that you need to think much about also before jumping into the first flight to Dubai.