Living in Dubai

Just how great is living in Dubai? It has only been as recent as a decade ago that westerners started to notice Dubai for the good life it offers. Dubai is currently one of the world’s fastest growing cities. Dubai now is a great metropolis where everyone would like to live in. People nowadays want to work, live and own real estate in Dubai.

There are many benefits of living in Dubai. One great lure for the foreign dwellers it shelters is the lack of taxes. What seems unbelievable is actually reality. You probably give up a third of your income to taxes in your home country; but when you live in Dubai you get the full amount of your salary. You get tax free salary; now that’s great news! Imagine receiving the full amount of what you worked for; you get to enjoy more and save more. This alone is enough for foreign workers to choose to work in this city.

Aside from the total lack of income tax, another great attraction of this city is the climate. If you are sick of the cold weather then living in Dubai will allow you to enjoy the feeling of being in one of your tropical vacations for life. You can choose to live the beach life; where pure shores literally greet your every step. If white sand is your thing, Dubai really won’t disappoint you. There are beach social clubs you can join and instead of being a beach bum you can feel like beach royalty, now wouldn’t that be great?

Since you now have more money to spare there are now plenty of things available for you. After enjoying the beach you can go out and buy yourself a gift. You can choose designer clothes, electronics, cars, furniture and even gold. Yes, gold is relatively cheap in Dubai. The price of petrol too is cheaper than in most countries.

Also crime rate is unusually low as the punishment for crime is severe. All these truly make living in Dubai pleasant.

As great as the city may be, it still has some downsides to it. Since most of the people here are well off, the prices of housing has increased to ridiculous amounts. This problem has prompted the government to place price ceilings on the housing rates.
In an effort to reduce housing expenses many have opted to live in the outskirts of the city, because of this the traffic conditions are horrible. Road safety truly isn’t one of their strong suits and it is really quite dangerous to drive in Dubai.

The climate too is a double-edged sword; it may be immaculate to some but it’s hell to others. If you are one of those who can’t stand the heat then living in Dubai will be particularly hard as temperatures soar to more than 40°C and humidity as high as 80%.

Also these high temperatures bring about another problem. Drains start to stink under the rays of the Middle Eastern sun. The city just got too big too fast, its drains couldn’t cope.

Much like any other place, Dubai has some good points and some bad points. The good points well outweigh the bad for some; this is why they are convinced that living in Dubai is the best decision to make..