Dubai Medial Tourism

Most people who know about the luxury lifestyle of Dubai still cannot picture this metropolis to become a centre of medical tourism, yet it is exactly what has happened within a couple of years' time. The city is already becoming famous in terms of its high quality medical services and plastic surgery clinics. Let us see what we can expect when it comes to plastic surgery services in Dubai.

Dubai is a great place to travel. It has brilliant beaches, high quality luxurious hotels and it is full of the best stores from all around the world. Being rich in touristic attractions, Dubai tourism is a great industry that is only growing. In terms of medical services, Dubai's huge healthcare complex - the Dubai Healthcare City currently offers the services of a hundred medical installations, which include local and international hospitals, clinics and plastic surgery clinics. The main reason medical tourism has a great chance in Dubai is its high number of British and American expats who undergo plastic surgery in Dubai for less than one third of its original price back home. Certain travel insurances cover medical costs in a foreign country; therefore, many tourists who come to undergo plastic surgery in Dubai end up only paying a small sum by themselves, with the rest being covered by the insurance company.

The other good deal about Dubai medical tourism is that Dubai is doing its best to bring here the best plastic surgeons with the best clinics from the United States, Great Britain. Expert surgeons, having a great deal of international expertise, have opened their own private clinics in Dubai out of which Cocoona is one that really stands out. In terms of international surgery, people usually go to American Hospital aesthetic surgery clinic, the British American Surgical and Medical Centre that has star surgeons of Hollywood who come to practice here once a month. There is also the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery that has already built its fame back in England and means an extra for all tourists arriving from the UK area. Other surgeries are starting to find their own expertise like Silkor, which rather sticks with smaller non-invasive treatments or the Denver Plastic Surgery that rather concentrates on the face-related invasive treatments.

Naturally, there are always those treatments that are increasingly popular all over the world such as nose corrections, breast enlargements, liposuctions or facelifts. Other special surgeries rather aim other areas such as ABSAMC, which has its own surgeons practising special orthopaedic surgery, especially for sportsmen. With the completion of Dubai Healthcare City 2, Dubai may expect its Medical Tourism to grow further and its institutions to specialise further. Dubai already has a bunch of international clinics, for Germans, French, US, Canadian, Iranian, Indian and Dubai clientele. Not to mention, that the first Dubai medical packages are already offered by UK and US agencies, which means a really positive conclusion for Dubai's future as a top place for medical tourism.