Dubai Nightlife

TWhen you think of Dubai you don't necessarily think of nightlife right, because you think of Dubai as an Arab oil state? Now, you would be surprised at how wrong your notions about Dubai are. Dubai is currently one of the world's fastest growing cities and it certainly has a lot to offer to anyone. You may probably think of a scenery where camels roam about and dunes rule but you would be astonished to know that luxury hotels are in Dubai. The Hilton and Trump hotels have set up shop here.

If youíre looking for a holiday spot perfect for your needs then you should seriously consider heading over to Dubai. The Emirates Golf Club is world class and has already been host to the PGA Tour and like the golf course the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse too has been host to international events. The city also offers great beaches where you can basically just soak in the rays; the climate is perfect here for sunbathing. If you do decide to indulge yourself in Dubaiís great beaches youíll soon find yourself enjoying the best shores this planet has to offer. Once settled in these beaches you can then participate in a few water sports just to enjoy the day. You can even go sailing if you want, the location is perfect for it. Then at night you can take your family to magnificent restaurants; this would add a twist to your usual nightlife routine.

You may be asking yourself just what Dubai has to offer for its visitors; your answers will become obvious once you step out of your hotel rooms. You can do plenty while youíre in Dubai. If youíre with your family you can enjoy the day touring the city and enjoying the various activities the city offers. You can visit the traditional souks or open markets where they sell all sorts of stuff. There are also souks which sell nothing but gold! That will truly be a site to behold; you wonít definitely forget your day walking through streets almost covered in gold. If you are the more adventurous type you can even drive off-road vehicles on sand dunes for fun. There are also amusement parks for the children to enjoy during the day and for the parents, nightlife here is a little different from your home country.

Pubs are not allowed in the city as separate establishments but bars are allowed to operate inside hotels. So you can enjoy going out while staying in. This change shouldnít bother you as this is part of the experience of traveling, these hotels offering escort services and there are many independent providers too.

Dubai actually has good nightlife; the reason for this is because the city has become one that caters to the visitorsí many different tastes and needs. Even if bars are outright illegal, the city compromises by having hotels operate bars within its premises. Now thatís a pretty good entertainment. If you do experience this first hand you will never have guessed that this was a compromise; youíll be too busy having fun in your new Dubai nightlife experience.