Dubai Property Investment

Investment in Dubai requires that any investor should have an understanding of its laws and regulations. It is not difficult to understand why any nation would want to attract as many foreign investors or businesses as much as possible. With this, laws are always very necessary, even required. The purpose of the creation of these laws is to pin down important rules, in order that foreign investment shall proceed within the country without hassle or difficulty. These laws are also established for rights protection and property security of any foreign investors doing business within the UAE and in Dubai.

What role does this Law play for the UAE?
This Law assists in the easy entry of foreign capital into the entire UAE and in prime cities like Dubai. Since the rights and protection of the investors are given due focus and importance, they feel secure in investing their assets within the country. The presence of investors means that there is more influx of business planning to the region, as well as concepts necessary for infrastructure growth and economic improvement. Simply, put investment opportunities such as these benefit the entire country, and not merely Dubai.

The Law on foreign investment in the United Arab Emirates
The Law in UAE is still in the stages of finalization, but will be prepared and completed nonetheless in 2008. It is the goal of the UAE Ministry of Economy to complete the set of laws this year. By the time this law is already finalized, Dubai will experience an even stronger economic life, with greater opportunities from investment coming overseas.

Is the UAE government ensuring a fair and effective law for every investor?
The government of the UAE has designated a separate commission, which is tasked to formulate the complete and final law governing foreign investment within the country. This group is made up of national officials, and these officials are representative of various government sectors in the country. The sectors included are those in the economic division, finance, and trade and industry. The business sector also has its own set of representatives, with 35 or so people included in the tasked commission. The business group furthermore comes from both private and publicly-held agencies.

What’s taking the UAE government too long?
The fact remains that each of the emirate within the UAE has its own means and requirements when it comes to obtaining profit from sources overseas. In the same way that laws are viewed differently in instances of land distribution and ownership, as well as in the creation of different types of companies, there are bound to be some variations. The rules of Dubai need to be reconsidered, as well as those in Abu Dhabi. This is primarily the explanation why the finalization of this specific law has taken such a long period.

The one who has dedicated active effort and time in the finalization of this law is the Minister of Economy of the UAE, or Sheikh Lubna Al Qasimi. His goal is to create a sound and highly successful law chamber within the entire UAE. Once the law is already in place, investment in Dubai real estate will surely enjoy exponential growths, as well as the rest of the UAE.