Dubai Shoes

When it comes to shopping, Dubai is the place to be. Not only is this Middle Eastern metropolis is full of shops from all around the world, but Dubai also encourages its locals and tourists to buy, by having multiple great discount periods, which are called Dubai Shopping Festival, per year. If you are in Dubai now, do not miss the great discounts of the shopping festival. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some of the very best places where you can buy all sorts of international brands of designer shoes in Dubai. If you have ever been to this buzzing city, you will know that it takes in real weeks for one to browse all the best shops in Dubai. Let us represent you with this handy guide on where to start your browsing international brands of shoes.

Dubai Mall
Being the largest shopping mall in the world, situated in the heart of the city, Dubai Mall should be the first place you go, when you are looking for the best international brands of shoes. Representing hundreds of shops, all of which being the very best brands from all around the world, Dubai Mall houses several major department stores. The Debenhams and the Bloomingdales, being the national shopping malls of the U.K and US, here you can browse among the highest quality brands of shoes no matter they are for special occasion, formal wear, seasonal pieces or casual style, you are guaranteed to find your matches in one or both of these places. These department stores are also famous for not having extreme prices, you can get great discounts toward the end and beginning of each season and your new shoes are guaranteed to last for many years. Debenhams has its very own collections of handbags and shoes, made out of quality materials, which they offer for a much lower price and yet provide you with the same high profile quality.

Dubai Mall houses some of the very best luxury brands for those, who look for something special in shoes: these include Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and some of the best Italian shoes in the world, in the shops of Alberto Guardiani, Cesare Paciotti or Giuseppe Zanotti. While in search for the best international brands of shoes, you are guaranteed to spend days, just with the browsing of all the quality items in Dubai Mall.

Mall of the Emirates
Being the older and the formerly biggest shopping malls of Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates is still among the most popular and the most luxurious shopping malls of Dubai. While in search of shoes, you should not miss this beautiful mall, housing dozens of the very best international brands of shoes in Dubai. It also houses two of the most popular shopping malls of UK and US: namely the Harrods and the Harvey Nichols both being elite places offering the best quality brands, house a high number of the international brands of shoes made of genuine leather and all sorts of diverse materials that contribute to the making of outstanding quality shoes.

These two shopping malls are the key places for you to browse the almost infinite collection of high profile shoes in Dubai. While it may seem not much, you will see how much time it takes in real to browse all these huge shopping malls. If you are a tourist in Dubai, do not miss the fantastic entertaining possibilities in the famous Dubai malls. In case it is your first time in Dubai and you would spend your days alone with shopping shoes and other items, enrol in one of the Dubai shopping tours that take tourists out to the best shopping malls in groups.