Dubai Shopping Malls

In every downtown district of Dubai you will find at least one shopping mall which is worth visiting. Some of the Dubai shopping malls are must-see for their stores, others are must see because of their unique features, all these shopping places are highly entertaining and last but not least they are perfect for a regular or a workday lunchtime chill-out for most of the officers working nearby them.

Dubai shopping malls are famous for their complexity and also for their unique style. Everyone knows and heard a lot of Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates. In this article we would like to represent you some of the least known Dubai shopping malls:

Al Ghurair Shopping Centre:
There are many who didn't hear of Al Ghurair Shopping Centre and in fact Al Ghurair City itself yet it's the first Dubai shopping malls ever built in the city. The complex is located in Deira, not far from the Dubai Creek and it was the very first shopping mall of Dubai built privately by the rich local family Al Ghurair who have wished to build the shopping mall on their own land, choosing this way to do something for the community. Al Ghurair is world famous for its colourful appearance and nice array of shops of all sorts. Al Ghurair City is currently under construction as it goes through a whole construction project which will make the shopping mall bigger with additional residence and office buildings.

Wafi City:
Waif is the member of the "one-of-its-kind" Dubai Shopping Malls in the city, out of which there 's only two Wafi being one of them. Wafi City is located in Umm Hurair, the Bur Dubai side of the Dubai Creek showing an entirely new aspect of shopping combined with entertainment. The complex had been built to look like a cross between a modern shopping mall and with ancient Egypt so you may expect some very interesting sites over here. Wafi City's main shopping mall is accommodated in a pyramid. The shopping complex is also famous for having its all oriental souk which looks as authentic as it can be and its called Khan Murjan. Wafi was long famous for having a high number of jewellery stores, but many of these have moved to other malls as of now yet Wafi has a fantastic variety and its own entertainment park too.

Lamcy Plaza:
Located not far from Wafi City the Lamcy Plaza is one of the multifunctional Dubai Shopping Malls. Lamcy Plaza was one of the first shopping malls of Dubai opened in 1997 and ever since it's one of the main shopping malls in the area, housing over 150 retails, a fun zone, a cinema city and a Starbucks housed in a huge replica of the London Tower Bridge. The shopping mall is famous for being one of only 2 shopping malls where you can buy and earn cash-back with your Air Miles credit card.

Mirdiff City Centre:
Being one of the Dubai Shopping Malls located outside the city centre, Mirdif City Centre is located by the Tennis Academy, quite close to the Dubai Airport complex Mirdif is located a little bit outside the normal tourist territory which means that its rather visited by locals and expats living there, sometimes even by stopover passengers. Mirdif has a wide variety of stores, several fun attractions for the children like the Aquaplay for the little ones and iFly for every age group. Mirdif City Centre houses lots of stores of all kind.

We hope that this little presentation of these Dubai shopping malls will motivate you to visit these malls located a little bit outside of the normal tourist's reach. The good thing in Dubai is that each of its Dubai Shopping malls offer diverse attractions and activities for the public with different discounts.