Dubai Souks

Dubai is not exactly famous for its souk like yet as we are talking about a Middle Eastern Arabic  city, of course there are souks over here too, not as beautiful as in other Arabic cities but nice enough to feel some of the old time authentic atmosphere most of us long for, when we visit an Oriental city. Let's see where we can find the best Dubai Souks:

Dubai is an enormous city always growing and growing, mainly Southwards because of its direct neighbour Sharjah in the North which doesn't let he city grow in that direction. This means that the old town part of Dubai is relatively stable and although there are always constructions, some parts of it just don't change. We can find some of the old Dubai part on the shores of Dubai Creek, in both Deira and Bur Dubai districts. However Bur Dubai is more popular which houses some of the most beautiful historical remains of the city, the Deira part houses the souk. Deira souks are located nearby the mouth of Dubai Creek, bordered by the sea on their Northern part giving the area always some fresh breeze coming from the sea. Interestingly Dubai souks in Deira are not all-in-one but have different parts which are located nearby or a little bit further from each other.

Deira's Souks can be easily reached either by bus, by metro and even by boat coming from Bur Dubai. The stations in each case will be letting you know that you are soon to arrive in the Dubai souks of Deira. The closest metro station to the Dubai souks is the Al Ras Metro Station which is also called Ras Metro station. By bus you can get out either at the Gold Souk as the final stop for several buses, there are also stops named Deira Old Souk 1 and Deira Old Souk 2. With the water taxi coming from Bur Dubai, the best to get off is the Deira Old Souk Station.

The best time to visit Dubai souks in the summer is in the morning hours, when the heat is still not so high, especially in the summer. Souks are open till the evening though so an evening visit is also really beautiful. However its important to note that people won't open till at least 8 in the morning so don't go before this time. Souks normally close around 21-22.00H so don't go later than this time. The best times to go for a souk visit are either 8 in the morning or 8 in the evening.

Dubai souks are colourful and have more segments close to each other, like the Gold Souk, the Spice Souk. The Fish Souk is a little bit further up by the sea along Corniche and it's also referred to simply as Fish Market. It's important to note also, that however souk may mean simply a market, when we talk about souk in its traditional meaning it means the covered souks with lots of alleys and stores. Traditional souks are covered because of the extremely strong sun to protect the goods and also the people from it.

Out of Dubai Souks in Deira we suggest you not to miss the Gold Souk with its over 300 stores, the Spice souk because of its great oriental smell and good buying possibilities, the Textile Souk is famous for its great quality materials and the Perfume souk is where you get to know some of the authentic cosmetics from close up. Don't miss the experience Dubai souks have to offer you,