Dubai Tours

There are several types of Dubai tours, which in fact go out of town. After you have explored the city all around, you just cannot miss some of the out of the city tours out of which we would like to represent you with some of the most famous ones.

Desert Safari:
There are several sorts of desert safaris, which represent you with the unforgettable sight of the beautiful Dubai desert. In fact, you cannot miss this tour. There are morning and overnight types of Dubai desert safaris, which include also dinner and a nice music program representing belly dancers too. Other types of safari tours include sand skiing, the visiting of a camel race, which is the national sport of Dubai, being the favourite of the ruler of Dubai too. Do not forget to dress up if you are to go on an overnight desert safari. If you are to go in the morning, bring water with you and the best solar crème.

Hot Air Balloon Flight:
Hot air balloon flights are extremely popular, taking you over the morning desert, giving you a great chance to take hundreds of photos. Hot air balloon flights usually take about an hour and a half an hour jeep ride to get to the Hot air balloon. Do not forget to dress up well, as the desert is still cold up in the air in the early morning hours. These hot air balloon tours start around 6 in the morning.

Hatta Villages:
The Hatta villages represent you with the ancient history of Dubai representing you with the remaining of the Hatta culture including houses carved in the rocks. This is a beautiful cultural tour for those who are interested in the history of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. This is a 2-3 hour long tour, which also includes the visiting of some local crafts-houses.

Wadi tours:
Wadi is an Arabic word you will often see in Dubai. Wadi means Oasis, therefore its highly respected by the locals of a desert land. Wadi tours represent you with the wilder side of Dubai taking you to an excursion to the mountains representing you with some of the most popular Wadis. The best thing in this tour is that you can get a lot of information about Dubai and its culture.

Tours to other cities:
Many tend to forget that other than Dubai, there are some really beautiful other cities in Dubai too, such as the capital city of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi a very historical city with lots of beautiful and interesting sites, which gives you really a great chance to get to know this country a lot better. There are further tours to the neighbouring city Sharjah and Al Ain. Several tours go even further, representing you with the best scuba-diving sites of Dubai.

As you see, Dubai tours even when they go out of the city are extremely colourful, if you are to stay for a longer time we would advise you to take them all, as these Dubai tours are the best and the most comfortable way to get to know the whole United Arab Emirates.