Dubai Travel Tips

Millions are people are going to Dubai each year. If you are planning the same thing, it helps to be equipped with all the necessary travel details.

One of the first things you must do is to make travel arrangements with airline companies. Good thing if you are from Europe or Asia because you can take direct flights to Dubai from there. However, if you are from North America or Canada, you will have to make stopovers in Europe or Asia before you can reach Dubai. While this may seem inconvenient, the upside of it is that you get to see any one of Europeís most exciting cities --- Paris, Amsterdam or London.
There are three airline companies that fly to Dubai --- Air Arabia, Gulf Air and Emirates Airlines. You can save a lot if you can book connecting flights to Dubai. Gulf Air flies to Dubai via Bahrain, while Qatar Airways can take you to Dubai via Doha. While this may be lighter on your pocket, this arrangement can however be awkward, sometimes, especially when you have to wait for long hours for your flight.

Then again, your safety and security ought to be a primary consideration when you are up on air, and the airline that has an outstanding and unblemished record when it comes to safety is the Emirates Airlines. It is more expensive than the other airlines, but the safety factor more than makes everything worth it.

If you want to save cost, do not fly during the months between June and August, and from December through the whole month of January because airfare during these times are expectedly more expensive. Also, book your flights as early as possible because in UAE, prices are already regulated so if you think you can get discounts if you buy at the last minute, you are definitely mistaken.

As a tourist destination, Dubai is swarmed by tourists, making Dubai International Airport the busiest in the Middle East, and among the top 30 in the world. Reportedly, the airport handled 25 million people in 2005, and the number continues to increase every year. Because of this, the government is putting in $2.5 billion for its expansion project.

Getting off from the airport is not a problem. There are municipal and airport buses, taxis or limos available to give you a ride to your hotel. Taxis usually cost 60 DH from the airport to Jumeirah Beach, and that is equivalent to 60 US dollars. If you are booked in Dubaiís premier hotels, your hotel may provide you with free transport.

Other things you must keep in mind are the following: you must not have gone to Israel, else you will be denied entry. You must also have at least six months validity before you can be granted the standard 6-month visa. Finally, it helps if you are familiar with the language of Dubai. Although, it is not necessary that you speak the dialect fluently, you must at least know or understand some simple words, such as Marhaba, which means hello, al-salaam alaykum or peace be upon you, and shukran means thank you.