Wedding Rings Dubai

The union of two lovebirds is the most significant moment in the lives of the two parties concerned. This moment is best crowned with carefully chosen wedding rings to make the occasion even more special. Dubai is without a doubt one of the best places to buy wedding rings in the world. The Emirate is home to thousands of jewellery stores spread throughout the various souks in the land. It's not just the wide variety you'll get to enjoy, but also the low cost of production, which makes wedding rings in Dubai much cheaper than in other places. You can choose diamond wedding rings, gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings, or rings sets in gemstones of your choice.

Many jewelers will custom make wedding bands or rings on request, and while this can push the price of the rings up, it won't be exorbitant. You will get great deals in the jewelry stores located at the Gold Souk in Deira, which is the largest jewelry marketplace in Dubai. The Gold and Diamond Park as well as the Dubai Mall gold souk are other great places to consider buying wedding rings from. It's worth noting that the highest number of jewelry stores is congregated in these markets, and you can be assured of finding the greatest variety here. That said, here are some specific shops you can expect extremely good quality wedding rings at good prices.

Kyra offers a huge variety of wedding rings and wedding bands made to superior quality standards. Their custom, handmade wedding rings are made from platinum and can be fitted with diamonds. You can also have the rings given a white, yellow, or rose good finish. Taiba is another famous jewelry brand offering a vast range of wedding rings in different styles. Their gold rings are popular with customers who have previously used their services, and they provide both traditional wedding bands and more contemporary ones. Tiffany Jewelry is another store you can consider. They have a wide variety of world class wedding rings that you will be thrilled to choose from. Liali Jewellery have a mix of gold and diamond wedding rings that are polished to finesse. For fine diamond wedding bands, check out Tejori Diamonds, a store specializing in diamond rings. They offer matching wedding rings, two tone wedding rings, plain wedding rings, and diamond-set wedding rings for both men and women.

You can also buy your wedding rings from Blue Nile, a store that offers exclusive designer wedding rings in good and diamond, with some designs set in platinum. Other top jewelry stores for wedding rings in Dubai are Damas, Joyallukas, Al Zain, Pure Gold, Malabar, Atlas, Mahallati, Prima Gold, Zainal, Chungath and Dhakan. There are thousands of ring and band designs in these stores at any given time. Best of all, you can present your design and the skilled artisans at the store will carve it in the metal of your choice.

Buy wedding bands/wedding rings in Dubai's jewelry stores. With more than 400 stores in the Emirate, you are certain of finding a ring that appeals to you. Platinum wedding rings, gold wedding rings, diamond wedding rings, or designer wedding rings, the choice is yours.