Wild Wadi Dubai

There is nothing mundane about Wild Wadi Dubai. Apart from the fact that guests can let off steam after tiring days of shopping and sight-seeing, this is one place where discerning tourists can enjoy themselves to the hilt. Sure it was fun to see the glamorous malls and the astounding sites of Dubai, but the entertainment you receive here is beyond your wildest dreams. For, Wild Wadi Water Park is one such theme park where tourists can satisfy thrills after thrills with the rides it has to offer. The numerous slides and pools as well as play area for kids ensures that Wild Wadi Dubai is the place for adventure seekers and families too.

The uphill rides are roller coasters and they are called Master Blaster rides, while the downhill ones are slides known as Ring Rides. Master Blaster rides blast the guests, who are seated in a ring upwards to a height of 15 meters with the help of strong jets of water. If you don't want to leave your stomach behind, but want speed thrills Ring Rides are the one for you. Here guests are seated in single or double ring and sent down the slides. Of the 17 slides at Wild Wadi Dubai, the Jumeirah Sceirah is clearly the most exciting and daring slide. The 108 feet height can clearly intimidate any bold person. Anyone can chicken out by looking at the base from the top of the slide.

If you think going up or down is not enough, here's something else to test your courage. Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj are slides, yes, but they have a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Tantrum Alley has three tornadoes. As up to four guests are seated in a tube, they are sent down a slide to meet the first tornado, then pushed into the eye of the storm and then they encounter the third tornado, after which they go down a slide and finally crash into the pool. The concept of Burj Surj is simple. Guests seated in tube go down a slide into a bowl where they spin around meeting the slide again before they land in the pool.

After conquering the slides, you can move on to the wave pools. Wild Wadi Dubai has three wave pools-Wipeout, Riptide and Breaker's Bay. Wipeout is a surfer's paradise, while Breaker's Bay is the largest pool of its kind in the Middle East. Children and adults alike can enjoy this pool where waves up to 5 feet are produced. Juha's Journey is the ideal place to calm your excited nerves. It is a 300 feet river and you can float about blissfully in its tranquillity. As the park places restrictions for most of the rides on the children, Juha's Dhow and Lagoon ensures they have a marvellous time too.

Saturdays is exclusively for families. The entrance fee is priced at Dhs. 150 for people of height above 1.1 m and Dhs. 125 for those below 1.1 m.